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Boat trips in Palma de Mallorca

A far cry from the rugged, volcanic landscapes of the canaries, Mallorca sits in the Mediterranean sea and forms one of the beautiful Balearic islands, full of lush green coastline and sandy beaches.

Mallorca is one of the main holiday hot spots of the Balearics and is well worth a trip. Visit the picturesque valley town of Sóller, full of local architecture and quaint cafes, with a famous wooden tram trundling through. Elsewhere Deia is a beautiful coastal town known for its distinctive local houses and emerald green shutters. It’s been known for the celebrities that frequent it, but its charm is more than skin deep. 

Mallorca Boat Trips and Catamaran Tours

Inevitably, so much of Mallorcan life is based around the coastline and the water. Catamaran trips around the island are a fantastic way to explore the more hidden parts of this mesmerizing island. 

Why not hop aboard a half-day, exclusive boat trip along the Bay of Palma that gives you a taste of a real sailing experience – when the weather allows it the engines are turned off this sailing catamaran and it becomes a tranquil experience letting you sail in the open water.

Enjoy a refreshing swim-stop at the Cala Vella, where the calm, clear waters host a huge variety of marine life. For the less adventurous, simply soak up the sun on the deck, and enjoy the music by the onboard DJ. There are food and drinks included, including a gourmet buffet, made from fresh, high-quality local ingredients.

Catamaran Mallorca – a Catamaran Trip for Animal Lovers

For animal lovers, consider the sunrise dolphin-watching tour from Port de Alcudia. Relax on deck as the sun rises over the ocean, and wait with bated breath for dolphins to peak out from the waves in this early morning tour. On board, partake in an onboard breakfast as you prepare to start your day in this unique way.

Mallorca is a stunning and varied island, and these great boat trips of the lush, green coast let you feel like you’re seeing it for the first time.