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Catamaran trips in Barcelona – see the city in a new light

To locals, Barcelona is Barna, to the rest of the world, it’s Barca – an affectionate nod to the
famous football team.

One thing that is clear to both residents and visitors alike is that
Barcelona is one of the world’s most unique and beautiful cities. Few places have such a
blend of culture and terrain – one moment you can be walking in the steeply stacked
buildings of the Gothic Quarter and the next you can be on the beach at Barceloneta
amongst the beautiful people, taking in the fresh sea air of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona by water


One of the best ways to see Barcelona is its waterways. The city is bordered by rivers – the
Besos to one side and the Llobregat to the other. They give a scenic passage along the city
boundaries and boat trips along the rivers allow you to take in the views of the nearby
mountains at a slower pace.
For water lovers, boat trips along the coast are another unique way to experience this
enchanting town. Long known for its sailing tradition, Barcelona has some of the most
modern marinas in the world, as well as many picturesque coastal towns along the Costa
As well as traditional sailing, there is now an abundance of more modern boating options in
Barcelona. Eco-friendly catamaran tours are a charming way to see the sites with an added
hint of luxury. Equipped with bars and live music in many cases, catamarans are the perfect
way to get a taste of the nautical life without the burden of owning your own boat.

Catamaran Tours on the Costa Brava

If you’re part of a group, consider a luxury Catamaran sailing trip for up to 20 people on the
Bonbon from Port Olimpic, where you can experience the Sagrada Familia, Agbar Tower,
and Montjuic Hill from a completely unique viewpoint. This fine vessel is equipped with food
and drinks and makes a lovely trip for groups who want to have fun with an added touch of

Elsewhere many cruises offer live music – you can enjoy a one-and-a-half-hour sailing
experience on a breathtaking 78-foot catamaran set against the backdrop of the Barcelona
coastline. With the sun setting over Barcelona you can listen to live jazz music on board,
giving you a completely unique, chilled sensory experience. It’s the perfect romantic ending
to a visit to this mesmerising city.

For those lovers of the night, why not check out an atmospheric full moon cruise. Aboard
the Blue Magic Cat catamaran, you can watch the sun setting, before exploring the coastline
in a different way, with the cool night air against your skin, and the moonlight imparting an
altogether different kind of mood. The boat stops for a while to give guests the opportunity
to swim in the refreshing waters of the Barcelona coast, all the while lit up by the moon in
this unique, other-worldly experience. While you dry off and rest you can enjoy a glass of
Cava as you relax in to the cruise.

Barcelona is a city of architecture and history – from the surrealist architecture of Gaudi to
the historical buildings, and hidden tapas bars – this is a city for the adventurous, and lovers
of culture. For those who are drawn to the water, why not treat yourself to a new
experience, and sign up for a catamaran tour. Alongside the cruises mentioned here, they
offer an amazing selection of different catamaran trips to suit every budget and style.
Whether you want to experience decadence as a private group, or you’re just happy with
the gentle lapping of waves and the sea air, there is something for everyone to make an
already amazing trip completely unforgettable.


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